This post features a list of products that I have personally taken and recommended as they have helped me tremendously on the job, and in my overall wellness. Based on how they have benefited me this is my personal list of the best supplements for your health.

It’s always a joke in the teaching world how little time we have to do anything. We are professionals at speed eating and never going to the bathroom. The hours we work are never really set in stone. I can work 8 hours one day but 14 hours the next, and if you are a coach or work in extracurricular activities than you hardly ever get a break.

How then can we maintain a healthy lifestyle in a stress-filled job where we hardly ever stop?

Other than eating right (ill discuss that in another article), supplements can help give us what we might be missing especially if our diet is lacking. Always though, talk to your doctor before taking certain products to make sure they are right for you. It’s very important also to research supplements before you take them. Because they are not fully regulated by the FDA there are a lot of sub-par par products out there.


Click here to look at Mary Ruth’s Multivitamin

Multivitamin supplements contain a combination of nutrients normally found in food. If your diet is lacking in any department a multivitamin could help bridge that gap.

When your body gets what it needs the benefits come with it. Taking a multivitamin could help with:

  1. increased energy
  2. better mood
  3. less stress
  4. fills in nutrient gaps
  5. helps brain function
  6. increased bone strength

Mary Ruths Multivitamin is probably the best multivitamin I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot). It’s more expensive but I feel like the benefits are worth it. It comes in a large bottle with a measuring cup that has to be refrigerated. When I take a shot of this in the morning I can immediately start to feel the effects.  I have also noticed a huge difference in my health and my increased productivity at work and in the gym.



Click here to check out Mary Ruth’s B12

This is definitely something I do not take every day. Since I am a big coffee drinker I am wary of products that increase energy as I don’t want to overdo it.

Another Mary Ruth product I found is their Organic B12 Spray. If I need to I take one or two sprays in the afternoon and it gives me a slight pick up that I might need to get through the rest of the day. It’s a small bottle and is easily transportable so it’s convenient to have on hand.

There are several other benefits of B12 other than increased energy.

  • Helps with red blood cell formation
  • May support bone health
  • May improve mood and depression
  • Keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy
  • May benefit your brain and improve memory
  • May improve heart health
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails



Like I discussed in my post about  5 ways to be stress-free, this supplement is designed to reduce stress or anxiety. I have personally found this product to be a game changer. Its an ancient medicinal herb with a variety of benefits.

Click here to check out Ashwagandha
  • It may help reduce stress and anxiety
  • It can reduce blood sugar levels
  • It may reduce symptoms of depression
  • It may reduce inflammation
  • It may improve brain function
  • Non-habit forming

I use this when I know that my day is going to be hectic. It does not change my personality it just helps my body relax.

I have shared this supplement with other teachers I work with and they love it as well.


Sleep Aid and Fat Burner

If you are anything like me than its very hard to shut you are brain off at night to fall asleep. This product has helped me tremendously in getting a good nights sleep, but there are more benefits than just this. These products can:

Click here to check out this product
  • Aid sleep and wake up refreshed
  • suppress appetite
  • Increase your metabolism at night
  • non-habit-forming

From what I have noticed it helps my body relax, and I am able to fall asleep within minutes of shutting my eyes.

I am also not a morning person, and I have noticed myself waking up every day refreshed and ready to go.

The jury is still out on whether the fat burner portion of this works. I have noticed my clothes fitting a lot better than normal, but I also workout 5 times a week and eat pretty healthy.


Supplement Storage

Click here to check out the Lion Latch

The Lion Latch is the best little storage container I have found to transport my supplements. It comes in several colors, and you can attach it to almost anything: purse, backpack, car keys, etc. Having it hang from my purse where it is noticeable is a visual cue that helps remind me to take the supplements. It’s also pretty durable. I have one on my keys, and I drop them all the time, and my Lion Latch is still going strong.

I personally have 3 of them. I use the one on my work bag for the day’s supplements. I have another on my keychain for my small jewelry (I need a safe place for my ring when I workout), and another on my work lanyard. I use this one mainly for student-athletes who forget to take off earrings before practice or games. My Lion Latch is a safe place to hold them where I know they won’t get stolen. I also discovered that my fidgety kids like to take the Lion Latch on and off the carabiner, so I’ll give it to them to play with and hopefully help focus.


In Review

All the above recommendations are supplements or products that I have personally used and can attest to how well they work for me. Everyone’s body is different though so always consult a doctor before taking anything especially if you have any pre-existing conditions or are on medications.

Thanks for reading my reviews. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.



  1. A great review. I am a teacher and a coach and your right, I rarely get  a break. Eating right, sleeping, and exercise are usually sacrificed because of all the obligations that come with this position. I am always looking for help with stress and pain reduction. I see some of these products could aid with that. Things that help with sleep and stress reduction is so important.

  2. I like really like your introduction and the caution you provided there. That what every platform that is providing information on health issues and medications should do. This wii well guide people when making decisions. Because today in our world, many patients prefer to accept the words said by bloggers or content writers on internet than to listen to their doctors. 

    I am a Doctor myself. It’s true that most of the jobs in the world today takes the time away from people to have  time for themselves, talk more of balanced diet. People just want to get something in and move on to the next activity at hand without considering their health.

    But with the help of multivitamins and supplements you have review here, one can get these vitamins and nutrients. Thank you for your detailed review. 

  3. Awesome addition in there with the Ashwagandha. I love seeing more and more bloggers talk about that magical herb. I always take ashwagandha last thing before I go to bed and it seems that my concerns and my worries seem to simply fade away. What a powerful tool for the aspiring entrepreneur who can’t seem to put their mind at ease as they retire at night. Your other suggestions were powerful as well.

    All the best to you!

  4. Supplements, in my opinion, are one of the best things ever created.


    Because not all of us eat the required amount of food to get vitamins and minerals that we need in our body almost every day.

    You’ve done a really good review here and I’m interested in purchasing some of these.

    In your mind which vitamin or supplement would be the best one to start with?

    1. In terms of fast noticeable changes, my personal favorite was the multivitamin. Ive taken multivitamins for years and this the only one that I felt really worked. Also the ashwagandha. I was surprised it worked as well as it did for me.

  5. What are the best brands for B12 vitamins? I really like this topic because I think all teachers have a hard time getting a break and finding that time for themselves and getting a break. I love the concept of this website all around. I like that you also included financial wellness also in your website because some people don’t understand that teachers spend a lot of their own money!

    1. The Mary Ruth brand, the B12 spray I really like. I just keep it in my bag for whenever I need it. Im also trying another brand right now for comparison, and ill update if I personally like it or not.

  6. This is helpful to have your review of the supplements and health-related products that you personally use. I am always a bit leery of simple reviews of products that I read, as hearing from actual users offers a perspective that really helps me decide to try or not try a product.

    The supplement storage container was of particular interest to me, as that can be a pain if you have kids around (you do not want them ingesting these) so the Lion Latch is definitely an accessory that I will pick a few up to store mine properly. I like that I can attach these anywhere too so I can use in any setting.

    The multi-vitamin and the B-12 that you are using are the liquid or spray versions. Are these more effective and perhaps faster acting within the body? If so, they are ones I will try, as it seems the pill versions of the multi-vitamins and the B-12 do not work that fast – no immediate effect for me, anyway.

    1. Thanks for your review. According to the product page the liquid multivitamin is faster absorbing than pills. I believe it. I could definitely tell a difference between taking a pill vs the liquid, and I will choose the liquid every time. The B-12 spray is the same. If you end up trying it let me know what you think.

  7. Hi Lindsey, I really appreciate your thorough review of these supplements! I suffer from depression and too much stress and am very interested to try some of these suggestions. My doctor has mentioned that I should try a multi-vitamin, so I was encouraged to read your personal experience with these supplements. Thanks!

  8. Hi, Friend I have read the whole article carefully. From this article, I am very happy to know about the Best Supplements for Health topic. Multivitamin is very necessary for our body. Multi-vitamin supplements help us in 6 things. This is very important for those who work and do the gym. We need to take B12 to increase strength. B12 Uses seven power enhancements for us. With the help of multivitamins and supplements you have reviewed here, one can get this vitamin and nutrients. Thank you for your detailed review.

  9. Hi Lindsey:

    Ashwagandha – that’s one I haven’t heard of. Maybe I’ll try this since I have a very hard time relaxing.

    The sleep aide/fat burner – I do not now, and really never had great sleep. My problem is waking up so many times during the night and then sometimes taking an hour or more  to fall asleep again. It sounds like this has really helped you. Right now, I eat a little bit of THC and that seems to help although I continue feeling kind of stoned throughout the next day. 

    For my B’s, I take the Emergen C supplement that has a load of B vitamins. I wonder if the B12 spray might be an alternative route or a supplement to what I’m already doing?

    Thank you for your post and making me aware of these great products!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I was unsure of the sleep aid/fat burner at first as well until I noticed that I was falling asleep within minutes of getting in bed. I do wake up around 2am most nights to go to the bathroom (super annoying), but I am still able to fall asleep again pretty quick.

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