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Stress Relief

How to Get a Positive Mindset

To be the most productive in our jobs we need to enter that job with a positive mindset. Any negativity coming our way dampens that and brings down our mood which could lead to less productivity and stress. So, how do we get a positive …

Financial Wellness

6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

The theme of this post is Every Little Bit Helps. This is about ways to make a little extra money to help pad your wallet. I absolutely love my teaching job, and would not change it for the world. However, ….as many people know…the pay stinks. …

Personal Product Reviews

Best Supplements for Health – My Reviews

This post features a list of products that I have personally taken and recommended as they have helped me tremendously on the job, and in my overall wellness. Based on how they have benefited me this is my personal list of the best supplements for …

Stress Relief

Stress Free on the Job – 5 Tips

Teachers need to focus on their own wellness to best meet the needs of their students. If we are not healthy and focused then it translates to the classroom environment. Teaching is also a high-stress job, and staying stress-free is a challenge. In this article, …

Stress Relief

Stress Free with Exercise – 3 Options for Everyone

The benefits of exercise are numerous, but finding the time to do it is tough especially if you have a family, or if your job demands a lot of hours out of you. Some people do well with exercising on their own, others need the …


About Lindsey

Hi everyone, and welcome to my site about wellness. This site will mainly be addressing teachers, but anyone can use it and hopefully benefit from it. I have been teaching for a number of years, and I absolutely love the work I do. It can …